About Me

My biggest passion is helping people in accomplishing their goals and attracting what it is they truly desire in life. I help clients create more health, vitality, success, and happiness.


I use a holistic approach in therapy, paying attention to my client’s mind, body, heart and soul. I bring to my practice, my own personal experience in working to overcome limitations related to relationships strategies, confidence, self-esteem, success, motivation, healthy habits,  and heal through hypnotherapy.


Every day, I strive to empowering my clients to live better and healthier lives through hypnotherapy. I have received my education from Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, California.


Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Dana Coman - Certified Master Hypnotist - Hypnotherapist Union 472

Sessions via video call or phone or in person at:

18607 Ventura Boulevard Suite 310

Tarzana, CA 91356

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